Abuse By Clergy

Hold The Clergy Responsible For Their Abuse

As we’ve read all too often in newspaper headlines in recent years, church organizations have betrayed their parishioners’ trust, especially those of the young, with one example after another of sexual abuse of children by members of the church hierarchies.

The good news is that these churches, including the church worker or volunteer they’ve harbored, can be held liable for sex crimes against children. They can no longer hide behind the kind of private church protocol that previously caused many serious offenses to go unreported and the perpetrators merely to be reassigned to a different parish. Clergy abuse crimes can no longer be swept under the proverbial rug.

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Experience, Reputation And Results

Our successful San Francisco law firm of has been championing the rights of the vulnerable for 30 years. We’ve acquired the experience, reputation and results in handling sexual abuse cases within religious organizations. We want to do what we can to punish clergy abuse offenders, promote your recovery and prevent future church organization abuse.

If you’ve been a victim of abuse by clergy, we urge you to contact us, to come forward and talk confidentially with our compassionate attorneys. We offer a comfortable atmosphere that’s perfect for an honest exchange of information, and we can provide Spanish language interpretation if necessary. We can also recommend treatment facilities if you need them.

Courage To Confront Your Abusers

We want you to feel personally empowered to confront your abusers and those who covered up the wrongs done to you, if you have been the victim of sexual molestation by a pastor, priest or clergy member. It does not matter to us what branch of religion we may be dealing with, whether it’s a Catholic diocese or fundamentalist organization. Our skilled and caring lawyers will show every sensitivity in working with you to handle your case with utmost discretion and efficiency.

The open lines of communication we establish will give us the accurate information and truth of your feelings that are essential to conveying your story and ultimately earning our goal of maximum compensation for you. The authorities need some sense of your feelings of desperation, pain, loss and defeatism brought on by your abuse. You can trust us to represent your interests effectively and passionately throughout the case.

Our Technology Can Work For You

Our successful law firm has made great use of various courtroom technologies in what are called electronic case presentations. This enables juries to understand and remember a substantial amount of evidence in a short period of time.

These presentations of computer applications, film footage and excerpts, and other useful electronic media serve to clarify complicated facets of your clergy abuse case, to spotlight contradictions in testimony, and to put all available facts and information out there for the jury’s consideration. Our use of computer applications, short film clips and other electronic media has led to large settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Call Our Toll-Free Number

If you suspect that your child or adolescent child of a friend or relative has been sexually abused by clergy and would like to discuss your rights, call the toll-free phone number of in San Francisco immediately.

Our experience, reputation and results can go a long way toward righting the grievous wrong done to the defenseless victim. We can be reached by phone, fax and email, and we have access to Spanish language interpretation.

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