Abuse By Teachers

Seek Justice After Abuse By Teachers

Is there a higher level of trust in our culture than that which we as parents place in the hands of our schools’ teachers, coaches and administrators? If you’ve worried and wondered whether those in charge of your children during school hours are capable of criminally and sexually abusing them, the sad fact is that they are and have been. Too many loving families have discovered this firsthand, and have been devastated by the realization that a teacher has sexually abused their child.

At in San Francisco, our skilled, caring abuse lawyers have dedicated decades of experience to “being there” for the victims of sexual abuse and child molestation in schools from pre-kindergarten to college levels. We can help you seek the justice you deserve in cases involving abuse by a teacher or teacher’s aide, misconduct by a physical education instructor, improper touching by an athletic coach, or negligence by the school administration.

Your abusers and those who were negligent in monitoring them will get what they deserve.

Contact our law offices immediately if you or someone you know has been abused by a teacher so we can help you confront the specific people involved and expose the system that concealed the abuse.

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Our insightful investigators will help uncover facts about the conditions that led to your abuse by a teacher, the people who carried it out and those whose neglect promoted an atmosphere of cruelty. In most cases of school environment sex abuse, both individuals and agencies converge, intentionally or not, in events that pave the way for patterns of abuse.

Schools and school districts frequently fail to use adequate care in screening personnel, turn a blind eye to warning signs of an individual’s behavior, or cover up a teacher’s or coach’s inappropriate behavior. Reports of abuse also may have been ignored. In other words, an abuser sometimes has an unwitting supporting cast that also bears responsibility for the wrongs done to you.

Students who have been abused by a teacher and are reading this should know that what happened to you was not your fault. You can send a message to those who mistreated you by contacting law enforcement right away. Taking that important first step toward exposing your abusers can help make sure they don’t hurt others in the future.

You can trust our dedicated, caring attorneys to thoroughly investigate your case and single out every person or institution that is in any way responsible for your abuse. We’ll work hard to recover the compensation you deserve. We’ve helped many others in your position for more than 30 years.

High-Tech Litigation On Your Behalf

At , our abuse litigators are leaders in the fields of courtroom technology and electronic case presentation. We employ creative, high-tech techniques so juries can see a large amount of evidence in a short period of time, understand complex issues, recognize inconsistencies in testimony and basically get all the facts that support your side of your school sex abuse story.

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When a trusted authority figure like a teacher or coach behaves inappropriately with students or team members, society must step in. Do your part by reporting instances of suspected sex abuse to the authorities and then call us in San Francisco toll-free for a free confidential consultation.

We’re in San Francisco. Our committed, caring lawyers can bring experience, reputation and results to your teacher sex abuse case.

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