Victims Of Abuse

Representing Victims Of Molestation And Sexual Abuse

Concerns about sexual abuse may be prompted by a change in your child’s behavior. Exposure to sexual abuse as a child may only resurface well into adulthood. Mentally or physically challenged patients, institutionalized residents, and disabled and other vulnerable adults are unfortunately also at a greater risk of being sexually abused.

For more than 30 years as a leading San Francisco law firm and with a century of experience combined between our partners, the noted trial lawyers at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP have championed the cause of vulnerable children and adolescents who have been sexually abused and molested by trusted authority figures.

Our law firm is nationally renowned for its experience, reputation and results. We also have the resources, determination, legal knowledge and creativity to thoroughly investigate, prepare and present sexual abuse, physical abuse and child molestation cases.

The number of California educators who have had their teaching licenses revoked or suspended for sex offenses is startling.

Evidence Gathering, Electronic Presentations

We take depositions of any witnesses and of the perpetrator’s supervisors and organizational leaders, and we obtain relevant personnel files and records. We seek all relevant facts and evidence to establish psychological harm and to demonstrate fault within the organization in cases of institutional abuse.

Our use of technology clarifies complex issues and presents all available facts and information for juries. For example, we’ve shown that short film clips and other effective electronic media can lead to larger settlements and verdicts and shorter trials.

Acting With Urgency Is Vital To Success

If you have been sexually molested by a teacher, professor, instructor or other authority figure, you may have a case against your school, college or institution. Keep in mind that the time period to preserve your rights against government entities, including public schools, colleges or other institutions, is much shorter than against a private entity.

No amount of money can reverse the physical and emotional damage done in molestation and sexual abuse cases. But significant awards can change behavior and encourage schools, day care providers, institutions and churches to report any abuse and neglect and to screen and monitor workers who come in regular contact with children, teenagers or vulnerable adults.

Financial compensation can defray the expenses of long-term psychotherapy and psychiatric care.

Experience, Reputation And Client Commitment

Since the crime of sexual assault is a devastating experience for the victim, a trial experience stemming from the attack, be it a civil or criminal action, can present its own emotional challenges. Survivors of abuse and sexual assault often have repressed memories and fall victim to syndromes like revictimization. They find that the process of cooperating with law enforcement or testifying at trial extends the nightmare.

We take pride in our ability to sensitively communicate with victims of abuse. We will never do anything that unnecessarily traumatizes you. We will be a constant source of support through the process. We will go that extra mile in battling the perpetrator’s employer, insurance company or sponsoring institution to preserve your interests and seek the financial compensation you deserve.

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Our lawyers devote their attention to every case that we accept. We prepare each case as if it’s going to trial and communicate honestly and compassionately with each client’s family during every phase of the abuse action.

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