Disabled Victims Of Abuse

Tough Representation In Disabled Adult Abuse Cases

One of the sadder facts of our culture has to do with the documented sexual abuse that mentally or physically disabled adults have too frequently fallen victim to. Even sadder is the fact that the perpetrators in these cases are often the same people employed to care for them.

An employer, nursing home facility or caretaker of a mentally or physically disabled person may be held liable if the disabled adult’s abuse took place while under their supervision, in a care center or in the disabled person’s own home.

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, our attorneys have been championing the rights of vulnerable adults in San Francisco and throughout California for more than 30 years. No one in California has the experience or the results we’ve compiled in protecting the rights of adult abuse victims, identifying the sources of liability and winning the financial compensation our clients deserve.

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Holding People And Institutions Accountable

Many cases of institutional abuse and molestation occur in medical facilities, in schools or within other organizations that require intimate dealings with vulnerable adults. When those in charge betray that trust, it is possible to prove some form of negligence in a patient’s treatment, despite the difficulties of holding the overall institution accountable. Still, those supervising facilities must be on the alert and able to recognize warnings signs of abuse, especially by therapists.

Our tradition at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP is to seek justice for every victim and explore every avenue in search of it. We can pursue a case against a single orderly in an assisted living or caregiver situation as well as bring actions against multiple persons who may be responsible for negligence in attending to the handicapped.

If you know of a vulnerable adult who has been taken advantage of by caregivers in any way, including being victimized by sexual abuse, our aggressive and compassionate attorneys will investigate the alleged offense and do what they can to expose the sex offender and other at-fault parties. We can also refer victims to facilities for treatment of injuries or illnesses caused by the abuse.

We always look forward to the opportunity to help vulnerable adult victims of sexual abuse to recover compensation, not just from their abusers, but also from parent organizations that may have turned a deaf ear to reports of abuse.

Experience, Reputation, Results And Technology

The courtroom technology and electronic case presentation our law firm employs has worked in the favor of many past clients. We clarify complex issues, highlight inconsistencies in testimony, and efficiently present all available information for the juries to consider.

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