Institutional Abuse

Compassion And Care For Victims Of Institutional Abuse

At the San Francisco law firm of , we believe that cherished institutions such as schools, churches, medical facilities and day care centers have the common duty to protect the students, parishioners, patients and residents under their care. As fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers, we are motivated to do our part to guard against opportunities that potential abusers may capitalize on to molest the defenseless.

Beyond schools, churches and medical facilities, institutional abuse occurs in locations like group homes and residential facilities. These facilities are often woefully understaffed and subject to significant budgetary restraints. As a result, they occasionally fail to adequately screen and supervise employees.

For over 30 years, has offered our renowned quality legal representation to children, adults and the elderly in cases of current and past abuse against employees or institutions. If you have been the victim in such a situation, contact us at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP.

A Record Of Success In Holding Perpetrators Accountable

We can use our years of pursuing and punishing perpetrators in the courts, as well as our track record for achieving winning results for our clients, to hold accountable those institutions that provide safe havens for child molesters.

Such trusted institutions must report any known abuse to California law enforcement or face the consequences. Any known abusers on their payroll should be promptly dismissed, and background checks on every employee should be conducted. If reputable, well-financed organizations fail to protect your children, they should be held responsible for any wrongs done to your children.

In examples of clergy abuse, our motivated, concerned lawyers can file lawsuits on your behalf against institutions such as churches and dioceses and the individual priests employed by them. We are also prepared to bring actions against any powerful, well-funded company or agency or their insurers that would stand in the way of justice for you.

Institutions Can Be Liable

An individual pedophile, acting alone, can be tried on criminal charges, but is rarely held financially responsible. However, an institution sponsoring or employing him or her such as a church, school district or other public or corporate organization may be held accountable for failures of supervision and screening in an institutional abuse case.

At trial, our skilled lawyers can use courtroom technology and electronic case presentation to help hold the institution, corporation or other entity that employed the perpetrator responsible. Our use of computer applications, short film clips and other electronic media can clarify matters for juries and lead to larger results for our clients.

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Our lawyers are institutional abuse litigators in San Francisco who champion the rights of the vulnerable. We are compassionate and understanding. For an initial consultation, contact us today at to schedule a free confidential consultation if your child or the child of a loved one has been a victim of an institutional predator. Benefit from our 35 years of experience, reputation and results.

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