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One of the biggest indoor trampoline franchises in California is also one of the biggest sources of trampoline-related accidents. Currently, this company has locations in Ventura, Concord, Ontario, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Clara and Woodland Hills. Unfortunately, as the popularity of these recreational trampoline facilities has grown, so has the number of preventable trampoline-related accidents.

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, we have extensive experience representing clients who have been seriously injured at these trampoline locations. We pursue personal injury actions on behalf of individuals who have suffered serious injuries at any trampoline facilities due to negligent maintenance, supervision or instruction by the trampoline company’s employees. Contact our san Diego trampoline accident lawyers today by calling 415-421-7995 or toll-free at 866-399-3548 to learn more about your rights and options.

We know how to successfully pursue claims for San Diego trampoline accidents when any of the following situations have occurred:

  • Failure to provide adequate supervision of the play areas
  • Neglecting to safely guard and mat the metal frames and coils of the trampoline frame
  • Not cleaning out debris around and on trampolines, causing a hazardous situations
  • Metal poles and other apparatus sticking out from the foam pit that is not housed properly to prevent collision and injury
  • Employees not providing adequate first aid to address trauma, including immediately providing ice, elevating an injury or calling for emergency assistance
  • Failure to prevent overcrowding
  • Not providing adequate instructions or warnings
  • Failure to properly maintain trampoline nets, mats, coils or other equipment
  • Providing equipment that is defectively manufactured, designed or assembled

We are able to settle many of these trampoline accidents, but we are prepared to expose this negligence and prove your case at trial before a judge and jury if this option becomes necessary.

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We have a long and established history of advocacy for victims of sports and recreation accidents.

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, we are aggressive in attacking ambiguous and unfair waivers of liability releases. Our attorneys are listed in Best Lawyers in America and in San Francisco Magazine’s Super Lawyers issue. Our experience in sports law has resulted in millions of dollars in financial recoveries in gross negligence and premises liability cases, but more than that, it has resulted in sports and recreation safety improvements that benefit future generations.

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To schedule an appointment with an Orange County trampoline accidents lawyer to talk about an injury at a trampoline warehouse, indoor jump facility or inflatable bounce house, contact our firm online or call 415-421-7995 or toll-free at 866-399-3548. We represent clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.

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