San Francisco Trampoline Accidents

Trampoline Accidents Should Not Ruin Your Future

San Francisco has a well-known trampoline park located in the Presidio. This type of party facility is popping up all over California and the rest of the country. The startup costs are not high, and unfortunately, many of the independent operators do not properly train employees, purchase and maintain durable equipment, or follow safety guidelines issued by the manufacturer and the state of California.

Throughout California, when people sustain trampoline accident injuries, they should immediately seek out medical treatment and then call to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Contact us today online or call 415-421-7995 or toll-free at 866-399-3548. We represent clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California.

Most of these trampoline and indoor bounce house facilities are franchises where they spend a lot of effort getting you to sign a waiver or release of liability and then turn patrons loose in rooms full of connected trampolines with little to no supervision and lots of risk. Patrons are encouraged to jump from one trampoline to the next in all directions, which means that large and small persons will be flying by each other with great speed, and more than one patron may be jumping on the same trampoline at any given time.

People who visit these places are even encouraged to jump into large foam pits without knowing or understanding all of the risks associated with this type of action. This may seem fun, but it can be very dangerous.

Significant risks of injury from trampoline parks and facilities include:

  • Collisions
  • Unanticipated forces due to others jumping on the same trampoline
  • Getting caught in the springs separating the connected trampolines
  • Being hurt by exposed coils, bars, or faulty or ripped mats
  • Trampoline thread work or coils giving way
  • Debris in the foam pit that has not been properly cleared out

Fight For What You Are Owed

Do not be intimidated by the fact that you may have signed a waiver or release at one of these facilities. They can be defeated, and the lawyers at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP will be happy to discuss the facts of your trampoline accident case. Currently, we are investigating one of the biggest trampoline facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area where a number of these types of accidents have occurred.

If you have been injured at any of these locations or a “bounce house,” contact the attorneys of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP. We can help you get the attention and compensation you deserve.

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