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What To Consider When Selecting A Personal Injury Attorney

The costs of medical care and rehabilitation, lost wages and expenses while dealing with a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars over your life. With so much at stake, ask about experience before choosing a lawyer.

The San Francisco personal injury law firm of has represented thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California who have suffered serious injuries. We also represent tourists who were injured while visiting our state.

Why Hire Us?

Cases with serious injury are often complex and difficult to resolve. Here are four reasons we are uniquely qualified to handle your case:

  • Financial resources — We front the cost of bringing your case to trial. In one case, we sought assistance from dozens of experts in various fields to prove fault; the case settled for $17 million.
  • Medical experts — To properly value your case, we work with a network of specialists — physicians who focus on diagnosing brain injuries and physical and occupational therapists who may be consulted on treating long-term effects of a spinal cord injury. It is essential to figure out an accurate diagnosis, the true extent of an injury, and needed long-term medical and rehabilitative care.
  • Innovative use of technology — Simplifying complex medical information is required to educate a jury. Our firm has been awarded for integrating technology to highlight critical evidence. In some cases, this has been through documentaries that show the jury how our clients’ day-to-day lives have changed.
  • Trial experience — Before signing, ask how many jury trials a lawyer has won. Without a track record of jury verdicts, a law firm will not be seen as a credible threat to the insurance industry and will rarely get the best settlement offers. We are trial lawyers with experience.

Results also matter. When considering an attorney, look at types of cases he or she has handled in the past to determine if the firm has the medical and investigative resources to win. Review how we have done in past cases.

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Your first step toward getting help is a call to 415-421-7995 or 866-399-3548 toll-free. We’ll schedule a time for you to speak with one of our attorneys. An email is another easy way to find out how we can help.

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