Adult Victims Of Abuse

Fighting For Adult Victims Of Sexual Abuse

At Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, we are concerned about protecting children from sexual abuse by individuals and institutions, and we are also concerned about protecting adult sexual abuse victims as well. Both groups deserve justice in our courts and the kind of financial compensation for their physical and emotional sacrifice that will send a clear, common message to those who betrayed their trust.

Mentally or physically challenged patients, institutionalized residents, the disabled and other vulnerable adults are at greater risk of being sexually abused.

If you have been exposed to adult sexual abuse or are experiencing the lingering trauma and nightmares of a long-ago offense against you by a trusted authority figure, you should contact our law offices immediately by toll-free phone call, fax or email.

We want to hear the details of your situation. We’ve been helping Californians in similar tragic circumstances for more than 30 years.

We Protect And Assert Your Rights

If you have been sexually molested by a teacher, professor, instructor or other authority figure it’s possible you have a potential case against your school, college or institution. Keep in mind that the time period to preserve your rights against government entities, including public schools, colleges or other institutions, is much shorter than against a private entity. We specialize in governmental tort cases and can help you assess your rights in these situations.

Our caring lawyers want all abuse and molestation victims, young or old, rich or poor, to be able to protect their rights and assert those rights against any attacker or institution that may have been in some way responsible for the attack.

Experience, Reputation And Client Commitment

Since the crime of sexual assault is a devastating experience for the victim, a trial experience stemming from the attack, be it a civil or criminal action, can present its own emotional challenges. Survivors of abuse and sexual assault often have repressed memories and fall victim to syndromes like “revictimization” many months or years after the initial crime. They find the process of cooperating with law enforcement or testifying at trial to be draining and nightmarish.

We take pride in our ability to sensitively communicate with you — the abuse or molestation victim. We would never want the adjudication of your claim to unnecessarily traumatize you. We will communicate with you and be a constant source of support. We will go that extra mile in battling the perpetrator’s employer, insurance company or sponsoring institution in order to preserve your interests and seek the financial compensation you deserve.

Contact Our San Francisco Law Offices

With more than 100 years combined between our partners, we devote our effort, energy and resource to fighting for the rights of victims of sexual abuse.

Schedule your free confidential consultation with the caring lawyers of in San Francisco today by using our online contact form. Benefit from our experience, reputation and results.

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