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California Fire Survivor Attorneys

We Fight for the Rights of California Fire Survivors

Fires bring devastation to people and property.  The shock, grief and heartbreak following a fire can be made worse by poor treatment and a lack of support from insurance carriers.  The attorneys at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, have extensive experience and a strong track record prosecuting all types of residential and commercial structural fires and wildfires, including cases against PG&E.

Recently, California has suffered tremendous losses due to wildfires, including the Kincade Fire, Dixie Wildfire, Tubbs Fire, Silverado Wildfire, Atlas Fire, Nuns Fire, Redwood Valley, Bobcat Wildfire, Cascade Fire, and the Camp Fire.  The unfathomable losses from wildfires have changed thousands of lives from losing loved ones, to losing property including homes and businesses.  Many residents either are not insured or not adequately insured for the extensive losses from a fire for the significant losses incurred by the victims.  Holding those responsible for starting the fire is important to ensure adequate compensation for your losses.

The attorneys at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, have the experience and reputation for representing burn injury victims. Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, has represented burn injury victims in cases involving not only wildfires, but apartment fires, home fires, vehicle fires, and burns from scalding water.  Burn injuries are some of the most painful and scarring injuries someone can suffer.  The long-term complications related to burn injuries require a thorough assessment and analysis.

If you suffered severe burns due to another party’s negligence, you deserve proper compensation for your injuries.  Contact Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, to learn more about your legal rights if you have suffered a serious burn injury.

Since 1984, ASW has represented clients in cases involving fires, explosions and burn injuries.  The following are examples of some of the fire and burn cases ASW has handled:

Family v. Auto Manufacturer – $5,150,000

 Death in vehicular fire from a defectively designed gas tank

$5,150,000 for our client in a wrongful death/products liability case after husband lost control of his classic sports car on State Route 1 in Sonoma County and struck a tree.  The impact caused the fuel sender device mounted on the bottom of the fuel tank to detach, leaving a gaping opening in the bottom of the tank.  Fuel poured from the tank, ignited, and almost instantaneously entered the passenger compartment, incinerating the driver and his passenger.

Family v. City and County of San Francisco – $15,000,000 verdict

Tenants perished in fire in San Francisco Housing Authority public housing unit.

$15,000,000 jury verdict in San Francisco Superior Court against the City and County of San Francisco and a furniture manufacturer.  This wrongful death case involved multiple deaths in a public housing unit due to a disabled smoke detector and very flammable furniture that contained polyurethane foam which gave off toxic cyanide, preventing the occupants to escape the burning apartment.

Family v. Limo Company – $2,681,260

Surviving family members of a woman who perished in limousine fire on the San Mateo Bridge brought case against limo owner, limo converting company, and limo service company

Our clients were the heirs of a woman who was a passenger in a Ford limousine that caught fire while crossing the San Mateo Bridge.  She was unable to get out of the limo in time to save her life.  She died due to smoke inhalation and heat.  We sued the owner of the limo.

Family v. City of Oakland – $4,750,000

Severe burn injuries to a husband and wife in the Oakland Hills Fire

Our clients suffered severe burn injuries in the Oakland Hills Fire.  A small fire continued to burn when the fire department failed to fully extinguish it.  The fire spread rapidly due to winds after a eucalyptus grove provided significant fuel.  The narrow streets in the Oakland Hills prevented a timely emergency response and quickly became clogged from vehicles attempting to escape the blaze that got incinerated.  Our clients were burned when their car overturned as they tried to get around the traffic jam.  They were forced to flee their disabled car on foot.

Family v. Golf Cart Manufacturer

Golf cart fire ignited apartment in retirement community, causing the death of an elderly woman

Our clients were the heirs of a women in her 80’s who resided on the first floor of an apartment at Rossmoor, a retirement community in Walnut Creek.  Other residents in the community charged their golf carts in the parking area immediately beneath her unit.  A defective charging plug created an electrical short, causing the voltage from the batteries to backflow and ignited a fire that spread to the apartment above.

Family v. Cathedral Hill Hotel – $2,400,000

A Christmas tree started a blaze in the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco, causing the death of a hairdresser

A blaze ignited in the Cathedral Hill Hotel on Van Ness in San Francisco and spread throughout the meeting room area, releasing toxic chemicals, including cyanide, from polyurethane foam in cushioned meeting chairs, furnishings, wall coatings, and carpeting.  The toxic chemicals disabled decedent, a hairdresser, preventing her from escaping before he was killed by the fire.  The fire alarm system did not properly function.  This case settled for $2,400,000.

Artists v. Bayview Industrial Park – $500,000

An illegal fireworks explosion blew the roof off an industrial warehouse, destroying many artists’ studios

A group of artists lost their art studios when an illegal fireworks explosion blew the roof off the Bayview Industrial Park in Hunters Point in San Francisco.