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Occipital Lobe Injury

San Francisco Occipital Lobe Injury Attorneys

Brain injuries, and the manner in which they affect victims, can vary significantly. The San Francisco brain injury attorneys at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, work closely with clients to ensure each receives an accurate diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment for his/her injuries. Our experience handling such cases, and our access to medical and investigative experts, has enabled us to build a track record of successful results for our clients. To learn more, contact a personal injury lawyer at our law firm to schedule a free initial consultation.

The occipital lobe (located in the back of brain) is the primary area of the brain for processing visual information – visual reception and interpretation.  The occipital lobe receives stimuli from the retina of the eyes and processes that information.  The occipital lobe handles the relationship between past and present experiences.  It is protected by the thickest part of the skull in the back of the head.

Occipital lobe injuries frequently cause:

  • Visual deficits (Visual Field Cuts or Cortical Blindness)
  • Difficulty locating objects in the environment
  • Difficulty identifying colors (Color Agnosia)
  • Hallucinations or illusions
  • Inability to recognize words, i.e., word blindness
  • Inability to recognize familiar faces or objects
  • Difficulties reading and writing

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