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Our Mediation Practice

Our firm also provides mediation services upon request.  William B. Smith  is an experienced mediator and has mediated a variety of matters in California and elsewhere.  Mediation is a superb way to resolve disputes and can be done at any time during a dispute between two parties.  Mr. Smith specializes in mediations of personal injury and wrongful death disputes only because this is his legal specialty.

Although we are plaintiffs lawyers, we are regarded as being fair and neutral and are often selected by representatives of the defense.  The test of an effective mediator is whether or not the mediator gets a successful resolution of the case.  We have a record of getting cases resolved to the satisfaction of both sides.

Mediations can be done in person or remotely by a service such as Zoom.  Early mediation can save time and money for litigants and if it is done remotely more participants can appear without expensive travel.  Of course, a mediation can be hybrid where some parties meet in person and others appear remotely.

Please use the contact information on the individual resume page of Mr. Smith if you are interested in mediation.  We are happy to provide our hourly rates and explain that we require the parties to share the cost of electronic services in the event that remote mediation is preferred.