Warning Signs Of Abuse

Recognize The Warning Signs Of Abuse

In investigation and litigation of child sexual abuse claims, the San Francisco attorneys at have found that there are warning signs of child abuse that parents, guardians, relatives, friends and caretakers should be on the lookout for.

Warning Signs Of Child Abuse

Here are many of the possible verbal, behavioral and physical manifestations of child sexual abuse:

  • An unusual number of questions about sexuality
  • Aggressive or uncharacteristic sexual behaviors toward family members, friends and pets
  • Evidence of physical trauma to the genital or anal area
  • Genital infection or symptoms of sexually transmitted disease
  • Mimicking or initiating sophisticated sexual behavior
  • Night sweats and nightmares
  • Panic from flashbacks
  • Excessive masturbation and bed-wetting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Withdrawal from interaction with others
  • Fear of certain places or locations outside the home
  • Frequent unexplained health problems
  • Regressive, infantile behavior
  • Reluctance to be alone with a certain person
  • Self-mutilation

When any or all of these physical or behavioral characteristics become apparent in an individual, don’t delay seeking help. Immediately take action to secure the safety of your child or loved one. First, contact the appropriate police authorities.

Thereafter, call our law offices at Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP. Our experienced, caring lawyers can be of service in interpreting signs of child abuse, getting to the bottom of the potential offense and representing the victim against the perpetrator before the law. We want justice for every child who has been abused.

Bringing The Abusers To Court

We use advanced courtroom technologies in our electronic case presentations to clarify complex issues and highlight contradictions in testimony. The use of electronic media can lead to larger settlements and verdicts for our clients, as we proceed with the goal of obtaining financial compensation for them and compelling the at-fault parties to pay.

We not only want to reward the innocent and see the perpetrators punished, but also want to prevent child abuse and stop child neglect and child molestation. To know if we can help you and your family, as we have for so many in our over 30 years of service, contact us today.

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If you detect any combination of the warning signs of abuse in your child or the child of a friend or relative, contact us immediately. Let us bring our experience, reputation for getting results and investigative resources to the rescue.

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