Government Liability

Representing Californians Injured Due to Negligence Of The Government

Government entities can be responsible for injuries just as much as private companies or private individuals.

  • Public pool accidents leading to drownings or spinal cord injury
  • Defectively designed roadways contributing to car accidents
  • Faulty road maintenance
  • Poor maintenance on public playgrounds
  • Negligent operation of a public transit vehicle
  • Police negligence causing injury or death
  • Bad hiring decisions putting students at risk for sexual abuse by a teacher

These are just a few of the examples of serious injury and wrongful death cases that can and are brought against municipal, city and state government agencies.

At the San Francisco law offices of Abramson Smith Waldsmith LLP, our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience representing people in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California in cases against government agencies.

If your child suffered broken bones or a head injury, if your loved one suffered abuse in a state-run medical facility, if you were hurt in a car accident with a state employee, contact our San Francisco personal injury law firm to speak with an experienced lawyer.

We Understand Government Liability In Negligence Cases

Bringing a case against a government agency is different than bringing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a private company or individual. There are different procedures and different timelines. For example, a shorter statute of limitations means that you have only six (6) months to bring a claim, rather than the typical two years. Furthermore, you must notify the government in advance of bringing a claim.

Our lawyers understand the procedural differences required to bring successful cases against the government. We have the experience you can count on, as well as the resources needed to prove your case.

We work with forensic, engineering and accident reconstruction experts to establish fault in premises liability, vehicle accident or police misconduct cases. We help our clients access top medical experts for their type of injury in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of medical care and rehabilitation needs.

We do what it takes to get our clients the results they need and deserve.

If you believe you have a case against the city of San Francisco, a county office or the state of California, contact a government liability lawyer at for experienced legal help. The sooner you seek competent legal representation in traumatic brain injury or fatal accident cases, the better your chances for a positive outcome.

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