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Examining Statistics On Drunk Driving

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Firm News

In recent years, awareness programs concentrating on drunk driving prevention have aimed to prevent drivers from getting behind the wheel while drunk. However, many people continue to pass away after they are hit by someone who was recklessly driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. In San Francisco, and all cities across California, people involved in these wrecks may have their lives upended in various ways.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, data taken in 2012 showed that 1.9 percent of American adults admitted to operating a motor vehicle after consuming too much alcohol during the previous 30 days. In California, 1.8 percent of adults confessed to driving while intoxicated as a result of drinking too much during this timeframe.

Over the course of the same year, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that more than 1.2 million people were taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, there were more than 9,000 drivers under the age of 18 who were apprehended for drunk driving.

DUI crashes can have a devastating impact on peoples’ lives. While many are aware of the penalties associated with drunk driving, such as prison time, costly fines and the suspension of driving privileges, this behavior can create other problems as well. For example, someone who is hit by a drunk driver may find themselves unable to perform their job responsibilities or pay for the cost of physical therapy. Sadly, too many families have had to deal with the permanent loss of a loved one.