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How accident reconstruction can help your personal injury case

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Some car accidents are straightforward, such as when a car runs a red light and slams into another, or a drunk driver crosses a center line causing a head-on collision. But the cause of a wreck isn’t always as easy to determine. And proving who is at fault can be crucial in your case given that the state’s comparative negligence law could leave you facing a recovery that’s far less than you deserve if you don’t properly argue your case. That’s why you might want to consider having an accident reconstruction conducted.

The benefits of accident reconstruction

If causation is going to be hotly contested in your case, then you might want an expert lined up to testify as to how the wreck occurred and where the blame falls. An accident reconstruction expert might be able to help you here.

These experts are tasked with analyzing the scientific evidence available to them, in light of witness testimony, to determine causation and fault. Therefore, one of these experts will assess everything from vehicle damage to tire marks, vehicle resting positions, and road and weather conditions.

Once they’re finished with their investigation, an accident reconstruction expert will draft a final report. This report can then be used as evidence in your case, which a judge or jury will likely find reliable. That said, you’ll also want to be prepared for the other side to present evidence from their own expert, so be sure to analyze that expert’s qualifications and the methodologies they used to reach their conclusions.

Leave no stone unturned in your personal injury case

Your recovery and your financial future are on the line in your car accident personal injury case. That’s why you need to aggressively work to build the comprehensive, thorough, and persuasive legal arguments you need on your side. Hopefully then you can find accountability and secure the future you deserve.